Friday, August 31, 2007

Fantastic Baptism!

Roger and I dropped everything 2 weeks ago when we found 2 of our fantastic nephews have been taking the missionary discussions and chose to be baptised. With the incredible help of my little brother Aaron and friends we were able to leave the kids for a 48hr adventure to Houston Tx. We had a great time visiting with my mom and her husband Matthew, my dad who flew in also, my sister Michelle and her fun family, my sister Cheryl and her fabulous family in which the 2 said boys belong, and my step sister Molly and her darling fam. It was a whirlwind with almost more time traveling than actually being there.
There's Roger on the piano.
The seats were all full by the time we started. A lot of the boys from their new church class came to support them.

According to my brother he had fun with my kids but I almost doubt that. He got my kids so dizzy on a tire swing Simeon threw up in the car and Rory is still nauseous. He also had to deal with potty training Simeon pooping in his underwear as he was falling asleep. Where is the mercy?

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Audra Bollard said...

Can your brother come babysit my kids for a weekend? If he dealt with throw-up and potty-training then he might be qualified for my little rascals! Glad you had a good time. Oh, and I was sitting behind your kids in sacrament meeting and they did a good job!