Thursday, September 4, 2008

1st Day of School

The day has come. I just dropped my kids off at school and I am not very happy about it. They are as you can see.
Rory is in the same class with a few of her closest school friends including this young man that she really bonded with last year. When I mean bonded, I mean this is the boy that she kissed. They managed to get past that and be really good friends.

She got a teacher that I have heard is Mormon so that is cool but I don't know her so that makes me nervous. There are a few kids in the class that if I could have picked her to not be in a class with I would have been happier.
Josh is in the same class of a boy he sat next to all of last year and they get along really well so I am happy about that.

Josh managed to get the same teacher as last year (he was in the combo class with her and she was a second grade teacher) I am ok with that but not ok that the 2nd grade bully is in the class too.

I was up at 2am for a couple hours unable to get back to sleep. I tried to get over the kids that were in their classes and the worry of how I was going to take a picture of both kids going into the classroom at the same time on different sides of the building while keeping an eye on the disappearing Simeon but my brain would not let it go. I woke up tired and the morning went a little different than I imagined.
My kids did not get- (with which I feel a little guilt)
  • a good night sleep. Soccer went until 7pm- dinner was from730-8 and School blessings lasted until 9pm
  • a mother who was showered and ready before they got up. Instead I threw on some workout clothes to not be in PJs. I tried to get Simeon to go for a walk after but he did not want to.
  • a nice healthy breakfast. I was too tired last night so I did not work up a batch of Cinnamon rolls nor did I feel like making eggs or french toast this morning. Josh had Honey Smacks and Rory had oatmeal.
  • new clothes neatly laid out ahead of time. Their drawers are full of hand me downs from friends so I did not buy new clothes or shoes. Rory put on a hideous ensemble so I went upstairs and found that no cute clothes were clean. I went to bed before finishing the laundry. Josh tried to wear nice shoes with shorts and a school t-shirt. When I vetoed that he chose to match the nice shoes to nice clothes instead of throwing on some tennis shoes.
My kids did have
  • The making of a nice lunch. We did take time to make up menus and buy good food. They had fettuccine alfredo in their thermos, mandarin oranges with a vanilla pudding dip, a salad in their nifty salad containers, a danimals and crackers.
  • a mom who was nice. I fought freaking out because of emotions and a need to hurry
  • a prayer and a kiss
I am not happy to be back on this schedule and to have the summer be over. I am not thrilled that they will be gone for 6 hours a day. I am nervous about how to fill the time alone with Simeon with out the TV being on too much. I need to clean up after this morning's tornado because my dad is on the way. I am sick and tired. Will it all be ok? Let's see if I can manage to make cookies before they get home so we can sit down and talk about their days.


jenny said...

All in all, I think you're a pretty darn good mom. No worries, you got the important stuff done and that's all that matters. Their lunch sounds better than what I eat for dinner, can I have you make my lunch too? :)

(Just in case: I'm Roger's cousin from his mom's side, John's daughter).

Jenny Benson

Jenn said...

Dido! I think you did pretty darn amazing. What does the world expect? We aren't super women? Oh no wait, you are Super woman! What are you thinking you didn't stay up all night and finish the laundry and buy new clothes and do your are loosing your powers!

No matter what you think, you are my idol and your kids, no matter who is in thier class, are strong and smart and with your help will do awesome in school.

Audra Bollard said...

Now I'm fully understanding the WAAAA e-mail on last Thursday.

You're going to have to hold my hand when it's my turn with Ethan & Luke. I will be freaking out.

Berly said...

I am with you on the start of school. Makes me sad and it has been an adjustment, especially for Kaylee. And, you did awesome, so don't worry.