Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smelly Kelly

This is so not cool. Smells are making me so sick! Before you say"Duh!" let me tell you that I have always kindly lost my sense of smell when I was pregnant. When Rory was a bug in the belly I would make Roger smell JT's diaper to see if it was full of junk. He would practically barf saying "Yes! that smells so bad" and I would say "Oh, something smelled a little tainted but I couldn't tell what it was".
So here I am in all fairness with a heightened sense of smell that has always plagued women and I am not so happy.
My worst offenders
-left over spaghetti heated up in the morning for the kids lunches
-my new dishwasher detergent
-the rag on my sink that was newly out of the drawer last night
-washing dishes in general
- my DO for my BO
-wiping Simmy's bum- that is a given though right?
-the leather cleaner I used on my car
No yacking yet. Just the intense desire.
You can not even say that that means I am having a boy or a girl just that this is my 4th and its my turn.


The Gale Family said...

How about gasoline and fish? Those were not my friends.

emH said...

Welcome to my near every day world. Bake some bread and enjoy it intensity of THAT kind of smell.

Berly said...

Smells drive me nuts when I am pregnant. Especially some sort of fish or mayo. Gross!!