Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Love to see the Temple

I finally made my way to the San Diego Temple last Tuesday with my dad. What a beautiful temple!! It made me think of the other temples I have been to.

Growing up in Houston our nearest temple was the Dallas Temple so that is where I did baptisms.

The first time I went through was at the Mnt Timanogas. I love how white and bright the Celestial Room is.

A few days later we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Honestly I really only remember feelings and people, not so much the building.

I don't think I will ever go to a temple as much as I went to the Provo Temple. This is where I stood staring at a huge painting of Simeon seeing Jesus at the temple knowing we would have a son named Simeon someday.

Roger and I took a day trip to the Manti Temple the Easter weekend before we had kids. We were the witness couple in this amazing building. This is still my favorite as far as each individual Endowment room goes.

This is Roger's home town temple. We have been able to go there a dozen times sometimes with his family. This temple is the same as the Dallas Temple.
Jordan River is where we went to do my sister Kimberly's work after she died.

We went to the LA Temple once before we moved down here for my Jenny Girl's wedding. It then became our temple for a while. Nat got married here too.

We have been to a couple weddings for my step sisters at the Oakland temple.

We participated in sealings for my grandparents at the North Carolina temple

We moved to Fontana shortly after the Redlands opened.

Hallelujah when the Newport Beach temple opened! So nice to have a temple close by. I love the mural and the walnut.

When we went to Hawaii last year we found a cute college girl to babysit so we could go to the Laie Temple.
Roger's brother recently went through the Sacramento Temple and we were able to be there for that.

Finally this summer I was able to go to the Houston Temple. I was able to help with the building of the temple but left for college before it was finished.

I am so thankful for the inspiration I recieve from any temple. They are a little peice of Heaven on Earth.

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Audra Bollard said...

Wow. I'm so impressed. I think I've been to less than half on your list. Guess we need to start vacationing near some temples!

And I too have fond memories of being a young married couple and going to early Saturday morning sessions at the Provo Temple.