Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dirty Toothpaste

I am guessing most moms have the same issue as I do with toothpaste. Kids can not keep a bathroom area clean when they dispense the toothpaste themselves. I use their bathroom to wash my hands and I come out stickier than when I went in. I grab the toothpaste to brush Simeon's teeth and I feel like I grabbed a big wad of gum and I can't break free. Wiping the counter and sink became one of their daily chores because I was so sick of the mess and that made it a little easier. That did not take care of the icky toothpaste on the tube itself and I was determined to find something that helped. Since my dad has been here he has been using the bathroom the mess was confined to and the kids now brush in my bathroom making the need even greater. I found the solution and it was so simple. I remembered using this kind of paste when I was younger and I wonder what took me so long.
No more squeezing the paste so hard that it won't stop coming out and then there is nothing left to do but use your toothbrush to smear it all over the sink. No more lids to put back on. They push a button, it goes on the brush and when they take their finger off. . .something closes over the hole. Magic if I do say so myself.


Kirbell said...

We use this kind, too. Another reason I like it is that it bubbles up more than other kinds and the kids seem less likely just to eat it. Gross.

emH said...

What about the fascination of watching the little "worm" just continually rise out of the container? Or the whole cheez whiz effect, that they then decide to eat with its tasty flavor? Maybe that's
just my kid.

The Gale Family said...

K. My kids are big and they still have toothpaste smears on the counter and on the hand towel!

pcerik said...

That's funny, because the same thing occured to me about a year ago, and that's the same conclusion I came up with.