Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girlfriends Rock

I love girlfriends! It dates back to my sisters.

When we added 4 more sisters when I was in 7th grade and the girlfriend love grew. This is us at my bridal shower.

In highschool, I had some amazing girls that helped shaped me into who I am today. Cristina and I knew each other since we were babies. This is us in Hawaii last year.I am taking the picture of some of my girls when we went to New York our Senior year.My college girl friends were cool beyond words. I just tried finding a good picture of us and realized, as I am sure they already have, that I am doing something obnoxious on all the pictures.
Here we are at Nat's wedding. I was due that day with Simeon.

Here is my other best friend from college. What a gem of a girlfriend. Isn't she beautiful?

More Recent
I love love love my sisters in law! Emily definitely challenges my weirdness and she is awesome!
On the right is my girl Amia. She was my life boat when I started making babies. She has so much wisdom and I could still be my crazy self around her. We bonded deeply going to the temple weekly when we lived in Provo.
Here are some fun friends when we lived in Huntington Beach. Don't let the spiritual picture fool you. These were crazy girls.

This all brings me to the girls I live around now. These girls are also priceless to me. This is a small group of us at the beach where we had so much fun without kids. Again I am a dork in the pictures but apparently that is who I am. These girls are helping me raise my kids literally and also help me be me which is hard to do so deeply entrenched in kid world. A few of us sang a group song in Sacrament meeting today and it only helped deepen my love for them. I truly feel blessed to be around such down to earth beautiful inside and out girls. I love my girlfriends!
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PS- If you are in my crazy pictures and don't want to be let me know


jenny said...

You are such a fun person! Your lucky to have such good girlfriends in your life. I can count on one finger how many good girlfriends I've had in my 24 years of life on one finger.

Here, here, Girlfriends Rock!

Tami said...

What would we do without other great women to help us along? We are so blessed to live in an area surrounded with such a huge support network of amazing friends. And the song was beautiful today--great job!

emH said...


Jenn said...

Girlfriends rock. And you rock my world. I love you, thanks for the love you give back.

Berly said...

Girlfriends are AWESOME!! I feel so blessed to have had such great girlfriends my entire life. And by the way, love your facial expressions in every picture. You haven't changed a bit!! I miss those girls from highschool.

Audra Bollard said...

A girl's gotta have friends. It makes this whole journey so much more enjoyable. Thanks for adding all kinds of fun to my life, you are a great friend!

Oh, and it was fun to see a wedding picture too!

Cheryl said...

Omg, all the stuff u have to do just to leave a message. No wonder I haven't done it before >.>

I'm surprised you didn't pick her nose i that one pic that would have been more in character.

Cheryl said...

If you don't approve me I'm not blogging again :P