Saturday, November 15, 2008


Believe me, I am sick of my posting about Prop 8 but what I am to do when I feel like there is nothing I can do? Sharing some of the things happening here so that more people can know and praying are about the only things I feel like I can do.

There are protests all over the US. What are they trying to prove? That we should not live in a country where majority rules? Interesting. Our "Republican" Governor has said that Prop 8 is wrong and should be overturned. Doesn't he know he is not speaking to the majority? Who is he trying to win over??

It sickens me how much people who donated over a certain amount (we donated, just not that much) are being dragged through the dirt. Here is an article by the LA Times which is actually joining the lawsuit against Prop 8 (LA had a majority for Prop 8). If they are reporting that this much hate is being issued against us, it must be bad.,0,7176761.story


The Gale Family said...

Voice away sista. We all need to pray in regard to these problems. Everyone should be standing for truth and righteousness, where ever they live and whether or not the battleground is currently at our front doors.

I tossed and turned last night after reading this post because it is appalling. So here is another super duper long comment...

In their anger, they have become what they say they are against. It is hypocritical.(When I say "they", I am not referring to all No on 8 supporters because I would like to think that they are not all behaving uncivilized.)

They say that they are against hate yet they hate our church and anyone who supported Yes on 8.

They say that we are bigots yet their behavior emanates from their own emotions and prejudices. They have their own partialities that prevent them from having an objective consideration of this issue and situation. They are being narrow-minded about our cherished opinions.

They do not want to fear society yet they want the rest of society to fear them. They want the rest of society to be afraid of voicing and supporting our opinions.

They do not want to be excluded from society yet their boycotts are excluding others, including bystanders and even their own supporters who are employed at these boycotted businesses.

They oppose discrimination yet they are willing to discriminate against us.

I noticed that in addition to their boycotts, they are encouraging their supporters to call Yes on 8 donors. Are there harassment law suits underway?

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