Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Big Boy

My baby is 4 today. My sweet, most cuddly child. I thought he would be jealous of a new baby but he is very excited to be a big brother and is emphatic that he is not a baby anymore. Simeon is very much a boy boy. He loves trains, trucks, super heroes and all. Before you say "Aren't all boys like that?" I will say my first is not really into the boy boy things. These things help define him as a person separate from his siblings. I am ok with him not wanting to write his name or such because he knows how to play better than our overly academic child. We have watched him grow from refusing to say I am sorry to feeling truly bad when he hurts someones feelings (well maybe not pain inflicted on his siblings). He can put on his own cloths, buckle his seat belt, on top of riding a bike with out training wheels. What does he need me for?? :)
Before I get too sad, I just look at his still dimply hands and know that he is still my little boy. No college for him just yet.

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Simmy Cocoa Pop!

emH said...

We thought about you the other day, reflecting on Thanksgivings past. What about a little blurb about the other birthday. The wonder woman who turned 30 two days before Simi (Happy Birthday Simi Jimi). Its official now, the big 3-0, and ooooh it feels SO good. Happy Birthday to both of you!

Grandma and Grandpa T said...

Good job Simi Jimi. I am so proud of you. I'm so glad you are the boy boy of the family because you will grow up to be a wonderful man someday. I am thankful your mom can share your ABC song with us. I am excited to come see you at Christmas.

pcerik said...

He really is too cute.

Jenn said...

happy birthday Simmy!