Saturday, November 1, 2008

Break my Heart

As I dropped off Rory at a birthday party I saw other moms dropping off their kids and picking up signs that the owner has in the front of his store.
One mom said "I already have mine in my yard". Everyone was gone before I even realized what I saw.
I know I live in a bubble but I had no idea that moms I knew from school would actually support No on Prop 8. My heart literally started hurting and I started to cry.
I would like to think they are intelligent women who researched the impact saying no would have on our society. From what I know of these women they are not religious. If I were not religious and would therefore not need to defend religion and if I did not care that my children were taught in school that homosexuality is normal and perfectly fine, I guess I would be fine with homosexuals getting married.
But wait, would I not care that my friends who do care would be left unprotected? Gay people already have as many rights as we do with civil unions. Would I want them to have more rights and be more a more protected group than any other in America? Would I want our society altered in ways that other states have suffered?
I would like to think Not.

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pcerik said...

Break my heart is right.