Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Wish I Was Elated

The subject of gay marriage has such strong rooted passion on both sides. So strong that neither side will ever be convinced of the opposing views. So strong that both sides feel that the other side is hateful and are lying. So strong that each feels like they are standing for the right.

I thought I would be so thrilled that Proposition 8 passed. I know if it did not pass I would be very upset. I am happy that we have won so far but I have a few reasons why I am not elated.

There are some people who are very hurt. A person is a person despite their choices and I am sad they are hurting. I believe that God did not want people to be gay. I believe gay people feel the way they do but that Satan is the one who started the whole thing. One on one I would be friends with a gay person but when it comes to drawing a line in the sand for my values, I will draw that line.

Our Religion and those who are against gay marriage have been labeled as those who hate. We have been targeted. No kidding I read a comment online to say that religious people are following an outdated Bible. Ok- I can show you another testament of Jesus Christ. Another comment was that there are other things in the Bible that we don't believe in like slavery. Ok- I can show you a Prophet on the Earth today that continues to receive revelation for our time. Please do not underestimate my ability to pray and receive my own promptings because I do. I don't feel hateful. Would I not feel hateful if I were hateful? Speaking of hate, all I ever heard of people who support marriage between a man and a woman was kindness. Another person opposing 8 said that the supporters were always kind to people who did not believe the way they do and that they were sad to be on the side with people who were not behaving.
  • Ours signs have been slashed and stolen which is against the law
  • A few of my friends had their houses toilet papered on the same night on the same street with theirs being the only signs and their signs were slashed
  • We have had things thrown at us on the side of the road as we were waving our signs
  • I have seen in the news homes and churches vandalized, death threats, and violence.
  • Protesters got out of hand yesterday in LA and are targeting our Temple tonight. Are the other churches and groups next?
Tell me really who is hateful.

Another reason I am sad is because I know this is not over. I have no doubt that in my life time I will fight this battle many times and that eventually evil will prevail and we will have gay marriage. It will come with other evils and life will be difficult for people wanting to live a righteous life. Many civilizations through out time have thought they could not fall. When more people wanted evil than good, God destroyed them.

So no, I am not dancing right now.


emH said...

I feel so removed from everything going on over there. Thank you for your candidness. I am glad for your talent in expression. My heart hurts. What a time to be a mother, responsible for beautiful spirits and teaching them to love and recognize truth in all of this. Heaven bless us all, please.

Kristen said...

I hear you sister. I was relieved, but I know this is not over and it just makes me sad that it is impossible to articulate the yes view without sounding discriminatory.

molly said...

amen. to all of it. i love you sister.

Grandma and Grandpa T said...

I admire what you stand for and are not afraid to speak out. Thank you for sharing your views. I agree. We love all people, races and creeds. But the infinate purpose for us on this earth is to gain a body, experience and choose to follow the divine within. The Kingdom of Heaven is on the earth today and will never be taken from the earth. Hold firm to your conviction, I love you.

Grandma and Grandpa T said...

Hold firm and teach your children the purpose for which they have been sent to this earth during the winding down of the last dispensation of time. Thank you for the information shared about Mormons in Ca. You have taught me something new. I admire your strength. I love you