Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a Croc!

So my 1st grade Rory had these shoes from Target and we called them Crocs.

When she came home after school one day I noticed how nasty and dirty her feet were from wearing these shoes outside. The shoes themselves were beat up too. I had just bought her a cute pair of boots plus all her other shoes so I threw away the nasty shoes she insisted on wearing day after day. A couple kids in her class were wearing real crocs so I guessed that was her motivation. After much begging I bought her these shoes for $8 at Target instead of say real crocs which are close to $30.

She goes to school and says "Hey ****, I have new Crocs" "Those are not Crocs" "Yea huh" "No, Crocs have the name Crocs on the bottom" I walked away laughing. Really how different are they?

Rory came home and said she wanted real Crocs. "Why you have those shoes?" "Because they are not real Crocs"

Are you kidding me!! I have never been into name brand clothes as long as they are cute. She is doing this in the 1st Grade!! Eye yeye yeye. What will happen when she is a teenager? Of coarse I am not going to buy real Crocs if only to make a point.


emH said...

Slow down growing up Roe! Way to be strong Kelly. Beauty in the person, not in the brands they wear.

Jenn said...

Good job Mom! Don't worry, Rory with get it some day, even if it is when she is in her twenties! What worries me is the other girls who are telling her they are not the "REAL" Crocs...who do you think they learned that from? Their Moms!!!