Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My kids have worked so hard at soccer and karate this fall. Can I take off my proud parent hat off for a second? I just need to vent about sports.
Remember at the end of last spring Rory was rocking at soccer. To quote, "I want to play soccer till I die!!" Both of them have enjoyed this last season and their teams played well but they got scored on constantly and rarely if ever won. This season has been a little different. They use a larger field as the first video shows and they play offense, defense, and have a goalie. The second video shows Rory as goalie.

Rory was awesome at breaking away with the ball but when you play on a little field you break away and you already are at the goal which has no goalie. Now she breaks away (which she still rocks at) and then she hits defense and a goalie. Honestly, I am sick of "yelling" at my kids on the field "Own the ball" "Help your teammates" "Get in there"etc. At the last game I put my head down because I could not look anymore and Rory scored her rare score. Bummer. I asked her how she felt when we yelled and she said it helped her. That makes me feel a little better. Any advice from you sporty people out there (since I am not)? Should we keep at it? Should I stop yelling and hopefully stop getting frustrated? Is there something I can do to help them get better?

Rory's team was invited to be ball girls at a local university game. I thought this would be cool. Not so much. The girls could not concentrate on the game and when they played at scrimmage they were the same as ever.

Here is a Karate demonstration JT's dojo was in.

He has done Karate for 3 years now and is pretty dedicated. He has been moving up in belts at a descent pace. Then comes the tournament. I did not get a video of his kata because I was helping the judges. Here is him having issues with his mouthpiece while getting ready for sparring and then his sparring.

Poor kid got last in everything in his group. He never complains or shows much disappointment but I hurt for him. I guess I should not be suprised my kids are not very sporty, Roger and I are not. The point I guess is that they love it. Right?

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The Gale Family said...

It's not yelling. It's cheering! As long as we stay positive and encouraging of course. I am the loudest one in the stands and a HUGE fan of sports or music or art or whatever sparks their interest. I watch games and practices too. If it is a sport that I haven't played, I still have advice before during, and after games and practices that my boys seem to appreciate... such as lessons about determination, focus, team, sportsmanship, appreciating feedback even when it is hard to hear, etc. I am sure there are plenty of things that you learned from choir, etc. that can be applied to sports too. It is an awesome opportunity to teach them skills beyond what is physical and a great way to burn their energy too. What I learned from sports and church has carried me through the tough times. If we have to cheer the same things over and over and over... well I am sure Heavenly Father knows how that feels! Don't we all sometimes have to have something in the gospel repeated to us a million times before we act on it? The key is that they know that it is okay if they are not the best or if they don't get it right, as long as they gave their best effort... and for us to watch our attitudes too (our frustration or disappointment is not helpful). Yes, the point is that they love it too!

GO RORI!! Go JOSHY!! I love the videos... it is the closest that I can be to the sidelines!