Monday, August 8, 2011

Beautiful Rory

This fantastic girl of mine is 9!!

She is a blast of energy, laughter, and beauty.  She helps with the babies and the house and is often reading 5 books quickly at one time. She is strong and rocks at soccer.  She is the 1st to raise her hand for anything.  She sings beautifully and aspires to play the harp.  She is always looking for a craft to do and is unique in her fashion choices.  She is girly and tough enough for this houseful of boys.

Looking similar to her brother is often frustrating but I think she secretly likes it.

They even got matching pallet expanders on the same day and will have matching braces too

She has another twin from church and school too.  I can tell which is which.  Do they fool you?

Awesome Gal

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jenerekfamily said...

They are both cute, but you didn't fool me. :)