Sunday, August 21, 2011

During the Week

I LOVE my Cali friends. We laughed loud and often, we cried when we wanted, we were together quite a bit, we played hard, we talked until late, we worked on projects, we learned from each other, we had each others backs, we gave our hearts to each other, we served each other, we didn't gossip- it was magical.

One friend in particular was a part of my everyday life.  This beautiful gal is a much nicer loving person than I can ever be.  We watched each other's kids for date night and everything in between.  We were pregnant last together and had a joint baby shower.  I had Michael two weeks earlier because I was induced and found out a few days later we were moving. I didn't have the heart to tell her we were moving until after she had her sweet baby.  I knew it would break her heart like it broke mine.

but alas we moved when her cutie girl was just a week old.  These smiles are so fake

and we came back to visit!  In So Cal we stayed at her house all week long.  While Hero Camp was going on we had FHE at the park with lots of friends, went to the beach, went to the swimming pool, and had girls night.  It was an action packed week and I saw so many dear friends.

The last day of Hero Camp we went to the Lagoon and for the 1st time the kids went on the boats.

are they not gorgeous!!?

Also, the Sunday I went to church in my old ward, I got to see 1 of my college best friends. She lives in Washington DC but was visiting her husbands family.  Awesome timing!

On the way home, we stayed the night at my my other best friend from college in St George and then stopped in Provo overnight to see 3 families that had moved there from So Cal.  I absolutely loved seeing these precious friends.

Such wonderful times!


wb said...

We absolutely LOVED seeing you. Jenny & I were just saying today that we miss our Kelly . . . sending virtual hugs your way!

Michelle said...

So was Texas too far out of the way home? ;)

heidihana said...

Thank you for posting this WONDERFUL week. You were the highlight of my summer!!! I'm sorry I haven't read your back-posts until now! I aspire to be a real blogger like you one day :)