Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hero Camp 2011

In my heart of hearts, I love Hero Camp. I love the week long fun that my friends have volunteered to organize.  I love the theme that we need a special Hero in our lives- Jesus Christ.  I love that the kids explore Scripture Heros and learn how to be like them in real life.  I love making the gospel fun.  I love seeing my kids have fun with gospel minded themes.  I love the songs they sing, I love the crafts they make, I love the fun activities, I love the shows they watch, I love the books they take home.  The books are amazing and have pics of them throughout the week.  Since I am not with them the whole time and because my pics are horrible, I mainly just have videos taken in a crowded room at the angle I get from my seat.

One of the best parts of was that I was able to see my friends for hours of each day.  I love them!!

I have had the privilege of being co in charge of a day for the 4th year and this year since I am far away I was mainly in charge of the craft since it did not take much volunteer organizing. My amazing friend in charge of the whole week deserved something awesome from the participants so I pulled a Kelly and made a quilt for the kids to put hand prints on.  The theme this year was "Its my Story"  Stephanie has been a hand in my kids story because if Hero Camp.

This song really got me all choked up. Some of oldest kids have been doing this for 6 years. I am gratiful they have that extra shove in the right direction with Hero Camp.  I really hope they let their light shine in life.
I have a link to a video of the slide show of the week.  You can see the kids a little too up close to keep other people private but if you are a friend and want to see a closer look at Hero Camp, email me and I can send you a link.

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