Thursday, August 25, 2011

Plague of the 5th

This amazing baby of mine turned 1!! I can't seem to get him to hold still enough to take pics with out the flash.

Oh how I love this kid. I am actually a wee bit sad not to have a baby in the house for much longer.  I love the chub, the sweet chatter, the slobbery kisses- not enough mind you to have ANY more though.  I have to stop having babies sometime and 5 is PLENTY.  Babies are work but toddlers are WORK so I am a bit nervous for the next couple years.  I reread what I wrote about Levi when he turned 1 and he has changed dramatically.

Michael has been an easy going baby- probably the most of them all. He used to just melt everyone with his smile but teething hit and even though it has not been bad, he doesn't smile like he used to.  He has actually been a fairly serious baby.  He entertains himself very very well and will just take off to the toys when he is looking for something to do.  He LOVES looking at books and any toy that makes sounds. He never liked baby food- I think he has textures issues.  He has been eating whatever we have been eating for months.  He weaned himself from my milk at 7 months and is now going off the bottle and formula very easily. He has texture issues with what his legs are touching so he will wear pants until he walks which should be pretty soon.

Seeing how he is the 5th (as was I and his Uncle Chad). . .
he gets the short end of the stick on some things like a birthday present.  He doesn't need anything! Although he doesn't get as much of my attention, he get plenty from the rest of the family.  Levi loves bossing him around.  Michael does his fair share of antagonizong Levi.  Ever since he started crawling, he has picked on Levi too.

Oh how I will miss having a baby- did I mention that already?

 He freaked US out with his 1st cake (lame as the cake is).  Can I mention here how we had a really busy day.  Roger walked in to see the candle be blown out and headed out the back gate to soccer with Rory and Grandpa had to take off too- busy day.

Anyway check out his reaction the candle- it was dramatically different than Levi's

and then. . .he flashed the cheesiest smile I have ever seen him give.

and then he topped it


Michelle said...

ONE!! No way!! The video didn't come through for me.

GNGT said...

such a beautiful babay boy. Just as great as the day he blew out the fire with his hand.