Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This kid of mine- oh this kid. This is scary to say because we have raised very independent brilliant kids but I think Levi may be our most independent and smartest kid yet.  Seeing how he is only 2 makes that opinion very tiring.  The other day we found him in the tree.

This resulted in Roger taking down the steps making it harder for everyone else to climb the tree.

When Lena was here she came outside where Roger and I were working and told us Levi would not stay in his crib.  What?? He had never climbed out before.  Sure enough, he was moved into a big kid bed.

He is quick to move a stool to wherever he would like something- like vitamins for example.

I have 1 kind of diaper that he can not unsnap. All others may as well be velcro he unsnaps them so fast.  He has no problem being nudy in cousin's backyard.

Unfortunately he also a terror to Michael including pushing him down the stairs when I was steps away.  That broke my heart seeing him roll down.

He loves to show affection, count and sing.  I love watching him sing.  Simeon never liked to sing and has only been doing it the last year or so.  Love him!

This one is not far behind in his ability to create havoc.

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emH said...

I love this. These are my mancubs mates. Oooh the trouble they'll be into.