Friday, August 12, 2011

Northern Cali

Since we moved I had high hopes that I would be able to return this summer to visit and to attend hero camp.
The time was drawing near and I started wondering if it was a good idea to drive 16 + hours with 5 kids.  I asked the kids how they would feel if we skipped it and Rory said she would be "devastated".  I decided I would be too.  When my mother in law offered to keep the babies since they would need to be at our house then anyway, I hesitated.  How could I NOT bring my babies on a road trip??  When I really thought about it I wondered why I WOULD bring them.  The trip would be so so so much better without them.  I would actually be able to play with the olders!  I almost chickened out but I am so glad they were able to be in their own world with grandma, grandpa, Chad, and Roger.

Since we were driving, I decided to take the long road down and drive 10 hours to Roger's sister's home.  My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE going to their home.  It was the shortest stay with them ever.  We were there for 36 and 16 of that was sleeping.  We managed to squeeze in lots of play, piecing a quilt top, and going out on the boat

From there we drove 3 hours to San Jose to see my brothers for less than 24 hours.  We ate dinner at Aaron's house with his wife, my brother Russell and his cute squeeze.  We them drove to Russell's tree house.  Oh how my kids love staying in his tree house.
Here is the view out his back door
 In the morning we took a beautiful hike in his backyard and smelled flowers and walked on logs.
So fun!! We left after the hike for our next destination 6 hours away.

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